Why is the Prestbury Practice moving to Bushbury?

The Prestbury Medical Pracitce have been working to secure new fit-for-purpose medical facilities for the last 5 years. The CCG identified the Prestwood Road West Surgery as a 'red risk' which means that the Practice is no longer fit for purpose. Specialist advisors were therefore instructed in March 2020 to locate a new site and deliver new, purpose-built premises. After looking at 13 sites, the Bushbury site was identified as the most deliverable and appropriate for existing patients. Please click here to see the proposed location.

How will I get to the New Practice?

Existing patients who currently walk to the Bushbury Practice will be able to continue to do so. Patients will also be able to travel to the site via public transport as there are currently 9 bus stops within 350 metres of the proposed site as shown below on the map.
The bus stops are serviced by three buses, numbers 32, 33 and 65. 

At the new Practice there will also be ample parking to facilitate those that currently drive to the Practice of their choice. Bike storage will be available outside and there will also be electric vehicle charging points.


Please                     for further information showing bus routes. (send link to new page showing bus routes)

How will this proposed relocation affect my care?

There will be no change to the quality of care you receive as there will be no change to services delivered by staff at the Prestbury Practice.

Will I lose my place on the patient list and is the patient boundary moving? 

No you will not be removed from the patient list as part of the re-location. No, the patient boundary is not moving.

Will I need to re-register with my GP?

No, you do not. As an existing and registered patient you will automatically remain the practice list. 

What will the opening hours be? 

The practice opening hours will remain the same. 

Will I be able to see the same Drs and Nurses?

Yes, along with all of the services you currently receive. 

What benefits will the new building bring? 

• Lots of car parking!

• Modern, purpose built clinical rooms

• Space to expand services - including mental health and community pharmacy

• Space designed to help us manage complex needs and
new ways of working

• Fully infection control and CQC compliant

• Access to lots of different bus routes.

Can I provide feedback?

Yes, we would be grateful if you could. The links below take you to a questionnaire, alternatively you can submit a question. We will also be hosting virtual town hall meetings and these will be posted on this website. Also if you would like to submit a question, please click the button below.